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How to Find Your 1095-A on Covered California

If you received a Covered California subsidy to help pay for your health insurance in 2023, you have to report it on your 2023 federal taxes. Your subsidy was based on your 2023 Adjusted Gross Income estimate, and now you have to reconcile that estimate with the income you are actually reporting using Form 8962.

To find out the total amount of subsidy you received, you need Form 1095-A, which is issued by Covered CA.

You may have received Form 1095-A in the mail. But if you did not receive it in the mail, you need to download it from your Covered CA account.

To download it, start by logging in to your Covered CA account. Once you are on the Welcome page, scroll part way down to the box that says “View 2023 Federal Tax Form 1095-A.” Simply click on that box and save the form.

If you don’t know your Covered CA login or never created one, you have to contact Covered CA at 800-300-1506. You can work with them to create or retrieve your login.

Note: There’s no 2023 State of CA subsidy form. But you still have to report on your Form 540 California State Taxes whether you had coverage for at least nine months during the year in order to avoid paying the Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty.

If you need help locating your 1095-A, you may contact our office at