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We know how important it is that your health benefits meet the needs of your employees. We're here to make sure they do.

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Everyone who needs a health insurance policy can get one, often at less than full cost because of generous federal subsidies. We'll guide you every step of the way.

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Our five-star service isn't limited to your company's decision-makers. We're here to help you too. Health insurance can be confusing and frustrating and there's no reason you should have to figure it out alone. Have questions? We've got answers.

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Everyone deserves Peace of Mind when it comes to their health insurance coverage. We're committed to doing everything we can, everyday, to make sure our clients enjoy that peace of mind - because no one should have to worry about their health insurance.

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At Rockridge Health Benefits, we believe that health insurance isn’t just about insurance policies, claims and premiums. We understand that you carry health insurance because you care about the wellbeing of your employees, and your family.
When you offer group health insurance, employees notice – providing competitive health benefits is proven to increase employee job satisfaction, which helps you attract and retain your valuable labor force. Whether you are considering offering benefits for the first time, or you aren’t sure you’re getting the most for your money,
Rockridge will help you find the right solution.

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Lynn H.
Lynn H.
2022-09-21 14:11:24
I've had the best experience ever following Jon's guidance to have my family insured all within the hour. Expertise aside, Jon is incredibly patient and... read more
O A P.
O A P.
2022-01-29 17:05:04
Jonthan Greer is literally a lifesaver, using his expertise to enable us to sanely navigate the disaster that is the private health insurance arena. He can... read more
Jessica B.
Jessica B.
2021-11-10 09:33:13
For anyone overwhelmed by healthcare, Jon is the guy to turn to! He helped me as I transitioned from COBRA to an individual policy. He's great at... read more
Patty C.
Patty C.
2021-08-31 20:03:16
Jon is an incredible human with such a big heart and a beautiful mission to help others obtain health care at the lowest price. His services really help to... read more
Carrie P.
Carrie P.
2021-08-18 09:28:54
Jon was incredibly helpful as we navigated finding insurance for our family of four. We were in between having two incomes and Jon helped us to find a plan... read more
Barbara W.
Barbara W.
2018-08-28 15:31:08
Jon helped me obtain health insurance for myself, husband and new baby. I had recently left work and was about to have a baby, and needed help navigating... read more