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Reactions to the Senate’s Trumpcare Bill: Jonathan Greer Quoted as Industry Expert

The Senate revealed its draconian version of Congress’ effort to weaken the Affordable Care Act yesterday. In his role as Media Chair and Spokesperson for the Golden Gate Association of Health Underwriters, Jonathan Greer was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News and its affiliated newspapers around the Bay Area.

Here are his quotes:

Jonathan Greer, a spokesman at the Golden Gate Association of Health Underwriters, [said] fewer middle-income Californians would be eligible for health insurance subsidies since the bill lowers the maximum income level for receiving a subsidy.

“In a high-cost state like California, that’s a big problem,” Greer said. For example, he said a family of three earning $75,000 a year is currently eligible for subsidies but wouldn’t be under the new bill. In the Bay Area, an unsubsidized plan offering benefits such as low-cost prescription drugs can cost more than $1,000 per month, he said.

Greer pointed to a bit of good news for lower-income Californians in the Senate’s version: Unlike the House bill that proposed age-based subsidies, the Senate bill retains Obamacare’s income-based premium subsidies that millions rely on to make health insurance more affordable.

Here’s a good story with more details on the proposal: